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V Jewellery - Our Story


B E G I N N I N G S 



Born from over 20 years of jewellery experience, when creating V our Creative Director Laura Vann set out with one aim: to make timeless and complex jewellery accessible to a wider market. Frustrated with the high street where she saw an abundance of simple throwaway jewellery, she realised a gap in the market where quality, intricacy and affordability could meet.




Laura founded V with her father Timothy in April 2013 after he employed her to work for his pre-existing jewellery company. While studying at King’s College London and Central St. Martins, she noticed a demand for timeless, vintage jewellery.

"I often saw friends wearing incredible pieces that were either one-offs found on the Portobello Road, or designer pieces with a price tag to match. I saw no brands in the jewellery market that were accessible in terms of availability or price to young women like myself. When I began working for my father I persistently asked him if we could fill this gap in the market by creating our own affordable, vintage inspired brand. This plea was met with continuous rejection until one day when my father did a stock-take, he noticed that one bangle out performed any other in terms of sales by more than double, and it was the most expensive. He went into the safe, pulled out the piece and found that it was his only vintage style bangle. I began designing the V collection that day." 

In keeping with the V ethos, Laura steered away from trends, soon to be over produced and to fade away almost as quickly as they came about. Instead she looked to the past as her source of inspiration when designing the V collection, while her young perspective added a contemporary touch and breathed new life into historical jewellery. Analysing shapes, genres and movements, she uncovered vintage inspired styles that had survived the test of time; their beauty affirmed by their longevity.





Today V is described as a breath of fresh air to the market and has been featured in major publications such as British Vogue and Tatler. Our Sterling Silver pieces are carefully hand set with dozens of stones, including precious and semi-precious, before being placed in their own minimal matte black gift box. It is this combination of quality, modernity and a timeless aesthetic which ensures that a piece of V will be adored for a lifetime.